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20 fév 2006 @ 04:17
Wow it's been a LONG time ... ummm i have another LJ that i've been updating for a long time now ... http://jemeparle.livejournal.com ... and i am going to try and add ALL of y'all to my new one .. hope you guys decided to add me back because it sure has been a while since i've read your great journalsss. Some of you have been added to the new oneeee and i guess you'd know who you are. ANyways thanks guys.

29 avr 2004 @ 00:59
I got a new journal, send me a message on AIM to get the link to the new one

AIM me at Whosurdaddy0187 or Yahoo at honorboy0187 or MSN at whosurdaddy0187@hotmail.com

boink 27 avr 2004 @ 02:43
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what is going on in my life you ask? well maybe i will tell you

This saturday is the SAT ... i really hate it and i'm no where near prepared for it. Anyways it's ok i need to get a 1270 so i get a scholarship that pays for 100% of my tuition .. i'm glad i talked to my parents and they said i can go to any college i want to and that i don't have to worry about money or anything because they said they feel obligated to pay for my college ... not a bad deal eyh?
Then this Monday is the Ap English Comp Exam ... oh god i'm not ready so PLEASE pray for me that i get a 3 or better ... i really don't want to have to take english comp and lit in college . Then on friday is the Us History AP exam which i'm even more not prepared for ... ugh
ANyways after that crap is over i will be a free man and it will be a straight shot to summer vacation :)

I want to get a domain name ... www.jemeparle.com ... hehe it's french for i talk to myself .com ... woot i think that's funny, what do you think ?

anyways i'm really tired

did 27 minutes of cardio ... i'm gonna add 2 minutes every day this week till i get to 45 minutes ... yeah cause the bike makes my left knee hurt and i dont know why ... but i want to work out my knee till it's betta ..

anyways it's late and i need sleep! bye
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18 avr 2004 @ 20:12

15 avr 2004 @ 22:39
So i've decided that i only want friends only journal entries from now on because there are some weird people out there ...
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